2016The Staff of Capulum College welcome you back to school for 2016. We hope you have had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for a new year refreshed and ready to learn.

Reminder school starts on the 19th January 2016 at 8

New Parents and Learners Welcome to all our new parents and learners. We look forward to working with you to ensure your child has a happy and successful time with us.


School Fees Procedure

Please be reminded of our school fees procedure:

School Fee non-payment procedure

  1. The school fees are paid over 12 months unless special arrangements are made with the financial committee.
  2. School fees are invoiced on the 25 day of the month.
  3. School fees are due no later than the 7th of the month from the date of invoice.
  4. If school fees are not received on or before the 7th of the month, a reminder email and sms will be sent out.
  5. If school fees are not received by the 15th of the month, a phone call will be made asking for settlement
  6. If school fees are not received by the 20th of the month, the learner will not be taught and will sit on a bench outside the office.
  7. If school fees are in arrears and no arrangements have been made the learner will be suspended until the school fees have been brought up to date.
  8. If School fees are not paid, the school fee account will be handed to our attorney for collection and all costs for the collection will be for the parent’s account.

Stationery and Books

stationery listsThe stationery lists are up on the website www.capulumcollege.co.za under the resources section. Please could your children bring their Stationery to school on Tuesday 19th January. Please ensure all books and stationery are clearly marked.

Please make sure that the photocopy paper and box with your child’s name is clearly marked on the box and handed in at the office.

Cell Phone Policy and electronic devices

Cell Phone PolicyPupils may not bring iPods, Mp3 players, tablets etc, to school unless requested to do so by a teacher and these may only be used under controlled conditions.

Cell phones may be used to facilitate parent and pupil communication, but the following guidelines must be adhered to:

· Cell phones must be switched off (not on silent) during the school day.

· Grades 10 to 12 pupils: Cell phones must be kept out of sight, in pockets or bags. Cell phones may be handed in at the school office for safe keeping if required.

· Grades 9 and below: Cell phones must be handed in at the school office for safe keeping.

· Cell phones may only be used with the consent of a teacher. These calls must be made in the presence of the teacher.

· Staff may allow pupils to use cell phones for research purposes during suitable lessons.

Contravention of the above rules will result in the cell phone, iPod, etc., being confiscated and only returned at the end of the school term. The sim card must remain in the phone that is kept by the school.

Capulum College will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cell phones, iPods, Mp3’s etc. The school will also not be responsible for misuse of a cell phone by any individual, or for other people’s actions, or the quality and content of the messaging.

We strongly advise that your children leave their cell phones at home, due to the cell phone theft and missuse we experienced last year. The school phone is available if the parent or child need to be in contact.

Dress Code

Dress CodeThe school uniform is informal, but each pupil is a representative of the school and must take pride in his or her appearance. Parents are requested to make sure that the correct items are acquired and worn appropriately. Please note that the consequence of not abiding by the dress and/or appearance code will be that parents will be phoned and expected to collect their child to address the problem before the pupil will be allowed to attend school.

Girls’ hair

· Hair must look natural, without any exotic colours (Including black).

· Hair is to be tied back if shoulder length or longer.

Boys’ hair

· Boys’ hair must be presentable, well groomed, must look natural, without any exotic colours. (including black)


No jewellery other than watches and medical identification may be worn. Girls may wear plain studs or sleepers (silver or gold only). No other body piercing is permitted, including tongue rings nose rings etc.


No make-up, permanent or temporary may be worn. No nail polish, extensions or acrylic nails may be worn. All pupils are to keep their fingernails clean and neatly groomed.


No tattoos may be visible.

Boys' uniformBoys’ uniform

· T shirt to be worn

· Jeans, or shorts can be worn.. No low-slung trousers may be worn.

· No beachwear is allowed.

· No torn clothing is permitted.

· Clothes must fit correctly and trouser length should be appropriate. No sagging clothing is permitted.

· Underwear may not be visible

Girls’ uniform

· T-shirt can be worn, but no spaghetti string, or low cut revealing shirts are allowed

· Smart casual shorts, slacks or skirt. No Miniskirts are allowed

· Flat shoes.

· Clothes must fit correctly and trouser length should be appropriate. No sagging clothing is permitted.

· Tight fitting clothes, transparent clothing or revealing skirts and tops may not be worn.

· Underwear may not be visible.


Dates for Biokinetics will be emailed out shortly as well as the cost for term 1. Please could you make sure your children bring their tekkies, and shorts and t-shirts for those days as well as deodorant especially during those hot days.
Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember

Term 1 – 19 January to 18 March

Office Open: Monday 11 January 9am-2pm

Staff Return: Friday 15 January 9am – 2pm

Pupils Return: Tuesday 19 January

Half Term: Friday 19 February to Monday 22 February (School Closes at 12:30pm)

Parent Information Meeting: Thursday 28 January (5pm to 7pm)

Parent Teacher Meeting: Thursday 18 February (2:30pm-7pm)

Test Dates: Monday 29 February to Friday 4 March

School Ends: Friday 18 March at 10am

If you require any further information or would like to chat to us at any time please phone or pop in at school.

Welcome to Capulum College for 2016