capulum collegeDEAR PARENTS

At a glance: What is in this newsletter edition:

  1. Weekly Report
  2. School Fee Notice
  3. Dates To Remember
  4. Cakes Sale Dates
  5. Wonder Women Donation
  6. Capulum College’s Art Evening

Weekly Reports:

Weekly reports are emailed to parents every Friday afternoon.

The weekly reports monitor:

  • Pupils Behaviour in class, on the playground and at Biokinetics
  • Are they polite or are they disruptive and disrespectful to staff?
  • Do they apply themselves to their work or do they wonder out the class?
  • Do they respect the school rules?
  • Are they doing their homework and assignments and handing them in timeously?


All these are scored on the following basis:

1 – No Effort. This means no effort has been seen in any of the above and they are uncooperative
2 – Little Effort. This means that they are doing the minimum amount of work and are still uncooperative
3- Average. This means they are doing okay but are not over extending themselves
4 – Good. This means they are doing well and are doing a little extra
5 – Excellent. This means they are going beyond what is expected of them (it is very hard to get 5)

The weekly reports HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH

  • Marks
  • Test scores

2. School Fee Notice

imagePlease remember that if school fees are not up-to-date by the 23 November the learners will not be permitted to write exams. Reports will only be given to those parents whose school fee account is at a nil balance by the 8 December, this means that all Biokinetics fees, art, hospitality, and Afrikaans book need to be paid up. If this remains a problem, please contact Grant Bullock urgently with a payment plan.


Thursday 19 November Art Evening and End of year function with parents and children. Please see invitation attached
Monday 23 November to Friday 4 December High School Exams Begin
Wednesday 9 December Collection of reports between 8am and 10am ONLY

4. Cake Sale Dates

Friday 6 November Gr10
Friday 13 November Gr11
Friday 20 November Junior Primary School

5. Our wonder women donation

wonder women

These three lovely ladies are incredible, they clean up after the children and staff every day without complaining. They have amazing sense of humours and enjoy serving the children and encouraging them to learn. They never shout or moan, when they have just finished washing the floor and the learners walk in from the playground they happily clean up again after them. They even sneak the really mischievous learns into the kitchen for a cup of coffee, shhh don’t tell Jenni…..

This year we would love to bless them with an “end of the year” thank you gift.

If you would please send R50.00 to school in a sealed envelope, the learners will do a presentation for our super women, honouring them for the dedication they have shown to us all.

If you could send this to school by the 6 November and we will do their presentation on the 20 November.

Thank you for your generosity.

6. Capulum College’s Art Evening

artYou are cordially invited! To an Art Evening to be held on 19 November 2015, from 6pm at Capulum College.

The format of the evening will be an Art exhibition with silent auction, followed by a drama production where each grade will perform a play, designed, written and choreographed by the students!

The Junior school children will perform a choral verse!

Entrance is free but please bring a plate of eats to share! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Term 4 Newsletter Week 5