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  1. Cycle Test for Term 4
  2. Mid Term break
  3. Cake Sale – THURSDAY
  4. Dates to remember
  5. Junior School Request
  6. Website and Twitter
  7. Staff presents

Please remember all school fees are due by the 7th of the Month.
As per Capulum School Fees procedure:
If school fees are overdue we will have to suspend the learner until fees are up to date.
Thank you to all parents who pay their school fees on time
cycle tests

1. Cycle Test for this week.

This week’s cycle tests have been postponed. Our staff are busy signing off our Grade 12’s before their final exams at their cluster meeting from Monday to Thursday. This is a government regulation for Grade 12. The staff have prepared work for them to do while they are away.

2. Mid Term Break


Please remember that this week is mid-term. We close on Thursday 22 October at 12:30pm.cake fractions


Thursday 22 October Gr9.1
Friday 30 October Gr 9.a
Friday 6 November Gr10
Friday 13 November Gr11
Friday 20 November Junior Primary School

4. Dates to Remember

calander yearFriday 23 October to Monday 26 October: Midterm Break (School closes at 12:30pm on Thursday 22 October and open on Tuesday at 8am)
Friday 6 November: 2016 New Parent and child visitors day
Thursday 19 November: Art Evening and End of year function with parents and children (Details to follow soon)
Monday 23 November to Friday 4 December : High School Exams Begin
Wednesday 9 December: Collection of reports between 8am and 10am

5. Junior School appeal for Knick-knacks for play dough play


  • plastic bottle lids,
  • plastic spoons/knives/forks
  • cardboard tubes
  • plastic clothes pegs
  • coloured lolly sticks
  • number / shape / letter cutters
  • number / shape / letter stamps (plastic so we can wash them)
  • drinking straws
  • kebab sticks
  • toothpicks
  • buttons
  • cardboard tubes (toilet rolls, kitchen roll etc)
  • beans (dried)
  • textured rolling pins
  • scissors (round tips)
  • plastic saucepan set
  • plastic plates/knives/forks/spoons
  • wooden or plastic beads (all sizes)

Please could you donate your old magazines to the junior school.

6. Website, Facebook and Twitter

socialPlease see 2016 Term Dates and Fee Structure and homework calendar is on .

Please Like our Facebook page or to see what is happening daily at school.

7. Staff Gifts

Please send R50 to school so the learners can present the cleaning staff with a “Thank You” gift at the end of the year. Please see email re details.

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