image001Dear Parents

At a glance: What is in this newsletter today:

  1. Play dough knick-knacks requirements
  2. School Fees for 2016
  3. Term 4 Dates to Remember – Please see new entry.
  4. Cake Sale Dates – Grade 8 turn Friday 16 October
  5. Cycle Tests for Term 4
  6. Help Needed
  7. General Housekeeping
  8. Round Table Discussion
  9. Facebook and Twitter

1. Junior School Appeal for knick-knacks for play dough play

We are trying to build up a “Playdough Toolbox” so that the learners have something different to use with the play dough each day. Special Needs and Junior and Senior primary children have also been using the playdough recently and we would really like to develop their learning experience with it.

play-dohCould you look out for “the stuff” and send it to school:


  • plastic bottle lids,
  • plastic spoons/knives/forks
  • cardboard tubes
  • plastic clothes pegs
  • coloured lolly sticks
  • number / shape / letter cutters
  • number / shape / letter stamps (plastic so we can wash them)
  • drinking straws
  • kebab sticks
  • toothpicks
  • buttons
  • cardboard tubes (toilet rolls, kitchen roll etc)
  • stock-photo-a-pile-of-magazines-on-white-background-21924049[1]beans (dried)
  • textured rolling pins
  • scissors (round tips)
  • plastic saucepan set
  • plastic plates/knives/forks/spoons
  • wooden or plastic beads (all sizes)

magazinesPlease could you donate your old magazines to the junior school.

2. School Fees for 2016

school fees 2016

This is available on the website – FEE STRUCTURE 2016

3. Term 4 Important Dates to Remember

calFriday 23 October to Monday 26 October Midterm Break (School closes at 12:30pm on Thursday 22 October and opens on Tuesday 27 October at 8am)
Monday 19 October Grade 12 begin final exams (Please note two matric exams will be written on the 26 October)
Friday 6 November 2016 New Parent and child visitors day
Thursday 19 November Art Evening and End of year function with parents and children (Details to follow soon)
Monday 23 November to Friday 4 December High School Exams Begin
Wednesday 9 December Collection of reports between 8am and 10am

4. Cake Sale Dates

i like cakeFriday 16 October Gr 8
Thursday 22 October Gr9.1
Friday 30 October Gr 9.a
Friday 6 November Gr10
Friday 13 November Gr11
Friday 20 November Junior Primary School

5. Cycle Tests

Cycle tests will begin on the 16 October. The time table will be sent out on Friday and will also be up on the website under the calendar menu.

6. Help Need

help neededIf you are able to help us with exam invidulation during our exam period please let us know.

7. General Housekeeping

On Tuesday 20 October and Wednesday 21 October, most of our staff will be going on moderation; this involves signing off our Grade 12 portfolios before they begin their exams. During this time the teachers will leave revision to do for each child.

Homework calendar can be found on the Calendar Page, all homework for the day is on the website for your convenience.

8. Round Table Parent Meetings

familyIf you would like a round table meeting with staff to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you might have. We have found this to be a very beneficial platform to help the learner and the teacher. If you would like to schedule an appointment at 2:30pm please phone Tracey so we can set up an appointment.

9. Facebook and Twitter

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we load photos, new information on what is happening daily at school. or

Let’s get to a 1000 likes.

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