image001Dear Parents

At a glance: What is in this newsletter today:

  1. Grade 9 Subject Choices Evening
  2. Important Notice regarding Reports
  3. Important Notice regarding 2016
  4. Cakes Sale Day Results
  5. Dates to remember
  6. Hilton Arts Festival
  7. Careers Day
Grade 9 Compulsory Subject Choices on Thursday 17 September 2015 at 5:30pm


No High School Mark Reports and No Junior School Report Back Reports will be given to parents whose accounts are overdue. These will be held back until accounts are brought up to date.


Please remember: according to the contract between Capulum College and parents a term’s notice is required if you are intending to remove the learner from our school. All notice must be sent to the school by the 1st week of Term 4 (6-9 October) in writing.

Cake Sale Friday

image012Grades – Money Collected
Grades 8 – R360.00
Grades 9.a – R580.00 winners
Grades 9.1 – R353.00
Grades 10 – R560.00
Grades 11 & 12 – R310.00
Junior School – R434.00


Grade 9 Compulsory Subject Choice evening on 17th September at 5:30pm.

Term 3 Tests: Monday 14th September to Friday 18th September, children my leave once exam is finished.

Public Holiday Compulsory School Day: Thursday 24th September (Compulsory School Day) 8:am to 12pm

Break Up Day: Friday 25th September at 10am (Reports to be emailed unless printed copies are requested)

Hilton Arts Festival

We will be going to the Hilton Arts Festival on Thursday the 17th September. We will be leaving school at 8:15 and will be back at 11:00. Learners may leave when they return back to school.

If you could assist with transport please could you let us know.

Dress Code:

If learners have the Capulum College golf shirts please could they wear these, or they will need a royal blue golf shirt (these can be purchased from Pep or Mr Price or Asmal’s) with a pair of jeans or a knee length skirt or knee length shorts. They will not be permitted to go to the arts festival if they are wearing clothing that are not appropriate.

No Make-up. Long hair neatly tied up. No high heeled shoes. No revealing clothing. No short shorts.

Careers Day

On Monday 21st September at 10am-12pm.

We will be hosting a Careers Day. Universities and colleges will be here to provide learners from Capulum College and other schools with advice on the courses they run.

Please join us to partake in what they have to offer in the field of tertiary studies.

A big thank you to Nondu for organising this event. 🙂

Term 3 Newsletter 8