Dear Parents

At a glance: What is in this newsletter today:

  1. Change in cell phone policy
  2. Litre for fuel
  3. September Test Time Table
  4. Parent Teacher Interviews
  5. Cake Sale Friday
  6. 4 Real rewards programme
  7. Dates to Remember

Cell Phones – Due to a recent issue:

cell phone schoolCell phones are no longer welcome at Capulum College.

If children do bring cell phones, they must have a name on them which cannot be erased.

They bring cell phones AT THEIR OWN RISK ENTIRELY.

No person/persons will be held liable for loss of a cell phone.

We will not be held liable for anything for which the cell phone is used if it is not handed in.

If we find a cell phone with a learner at any stage through the term, the phone will be confiscated for the term.

Litres for Education

Litres for EducationWe received R11.27 from LFE, please help us with this fund raising initiative, place the fuel disc on your windscreen and fill up at the following petrol stations:

  • BP Moore Road (Glenwood, Berea)
  • BP Bluff (Pick n Pay Centre)
  • BP La Lucia Ridge (Umhlanga rocks Drive)
  • Engen Bayside (Victoria Embankment on cnr. Stanger Street)
  • Engen 45th Cutting (Westville)/Woolworths
  • Engen Mitchell Park, Morningside.
  • BP Hillcrest (Main Road, opposite Checkers Centre)
  • BP Rasiesthorpe (PMB)
  • Engen, Dusi Motors (Boschoff Street, PMB)
  • Engen, Basil Bure Motors, Center of PMB.
  • BP Quarry Center (Hilton)
  • BP Sibaya (On M4, Entrance to Sibaya Casino)
  • BP Richmond Road, Pinetown.

September Test Time Table

Please find the September Test Time Table attached.

Special Note: For the Hilton Arts Festival – If you did not pay for your child to attend the festival please do not send them to school.

Parent Teacher Interviews

We are inviting all parents to make an appointment at school for a round table discussion with staff and parents, if they would like to discuss their child. This is a great opportunity to speak to each other so everyone is on the same page regarding your child’s education. If you would like to make an appointment, please phone Tracey and we can schedule an 30min meeting.

Cake Sale Friday- Please send your child to school with money

cake saleThis Friday is the Grade 11 & 12 Group’s turn to supply cakes for the cake sale. They have decided what they will be bringing. Please discuss this with your child and support our fund raising drive. The goodies will be sold at first break.

We have a competition running: the group that makes the most money will get pizza to share on Monday 21 September.

Cake Sale dates:

Grade 11 and 12 – 28 August

Grade 8-11 Maths and Business Studies Classes – 4 September, this is a class project were the learners will be learning about profit, loss and working out expenses. Letter and programme will be sent home during the course of the week.

Junior Primary – 11 September

Grades Money Collected

Grades 8 – R360.00
Grades 9.a – R580.00
Grades 9.1 – R353.00
Grades 10 – R560.00

4 Real Rewards Programme

We would like to introduce our new fundraising partner, the 4real Rewards Programme. A money for jam, community driven concept that is going to assist our school to raise funds and uplift education in South Africa.

Your child will be bringing home a 4real Rewards Master Card application form for each parent to swipe when shopping at any of the 4real partner stores. The list of supporting retail partners will be displayed on the 4real website.

Please complete the registration form on the brochure and return it to your child’s class teacher as soon as possible. You will receive a sms and an email to inform you that your card has been activated and is ready for collection at the school.

4 real rewardsShould you have more than one child at the school, or receive a card from another school, please return these to the school or give them to others who are willing to show their support.

Each parent will carry one card. You are able to add up to 4 beneficiaries on your profile on the 4real website, so that the funds you raise are split between the schools you wish to support. Visit for more information.

Every time you shop at any of the supporting 4real retail partners a rebate given by the retailer will be split 50/50 between our school and yourself. Our school will be paid monthly by 4real and your share is put onto your card, to be redeemed 30 days later. You are able to redeem your credit at any of the participating retails against your purchases.

Please look out for the 4real sign in stores and you will be notified as new supporting retail partners join this growing network.

Thank you for supporting us by remembering to use your 4real card.

Take a swipe for education.


Parent/Teacher Meeting: Thursday 10th September from 2:30pm
Term 3 Tests: Monday 14th September to Friday 18th September
Public Holiday Compulsory School Day: Thursday 24th September (Compulsory School Day) 8:am to 12pm
Break Up Day: Friday 25th September at 10am (Reports to be emailed unless printed copies are requested)

Term 3 Newsletter 5