Term 1 Newsletter 6In This Newsletter:

  1. Mid-Term Break please see dates and time
  2. Valentine’s Day with Dr Bryan Long
  3. Parent Teacher Meetings
  4. Middle School Request (Sarah & Kirsten’s Group)
  5. School Fee Procedure

Half Term: Friday 19 February to Monday 22 February

(School Closes on Thursday 18 February at 12:30pm and learners return on Tuesday 23 February)


2. Valentine’s Day with Dr Bryan Long

Dr Bryan Long’s talk was a constructive interaction between himself and the learners. The learners responded to him with ease and asked questions regarding his topic on healthy living. Please talk with your children about the talk.

We are planning another talk with Bryan next term. If you feel that there is a particular subject that we should address with the learners please could you send us feedback.

3. Parent teacher meetings:

parent teacher meetingsWe will be holding parent teacher meetings on Thursday the 25 February; the time sheets will be up at school from Wednesday (17th February). You will be able to see individual teachers in separate 10min time slots. Parent/teacher meetings will begin at 12:30pm for Laura and Dorrianne’s groups, 2pm for junior school and from 2:30pm for the high school.

We are offering the high school parents, round table meetings where you will sit with all your child’s teachers to discuss your child’s progress and plans for the year, ensuring that staff and parents are on the same page. If you would like to take up this option please let Tracey know. We will do one booking per day from 2:30 to 2:45pm. We will begin these meeting from Tuesday 23 February.


4. Kirsten and Sarah’s group request:

Please remember to bring 10L plastic container to school; this container must fit all their A4 books and their gym towels and mats. Please send this through as it helps Kirsten and Sarah keep all the learners belongings in one place.

5. School Fee Procedure

School Fee ProcedureSchool fees for February are now overdue. Please ensure that these are paid up or we will have no alternative but to suspend the learner until the school fees have been brought up to date.

Please contact us if your school fees are in arrears.

6. Panado Dispensing at school

We will no longer be dispensing Panado at school.

If a learner has a headache we will offer them tissue salts No6 for cramps, spasms and Headaches. If the headache persist we will contact you to come and collect them.

7. Concessions for Exams especially for learners in Grade 10-12

We will be sending out letters to individual parents regarding concessions that we require for your child, which will enable them to qualify for either a reading, spelling, or extra time concession that they will receive during exam time.

The Child and Family Centre at the University of KZN have a facility that offers these concessions much quicker and cheaper.

If you would like to contact them regarding concessions or counselling please feel free to phone them 033 260 5166.

Term 1 Newsletter 6