Dear Parents, Learners seem to be settling in well and adjusting to the time table, their class mates and their teachers. There are a few hiccups with books but we are sure these will be sorted out soon.

We are offering the high school parents, round table meetings where you will sit with all your child’s teachers to discuss your child’s progress and plans for the year thus ensuring that staff and parent are on the same page. If you would like this option please let Tracey know. We will do one booking per day from 2:30 to 2:45pm on Mon, Wed, Thurs

Test Week is approaching; the time table will be available on Thursday 17 February. The tests are only one hour each and will be written first thing each morning. Lesson will resume once the tests for the day are done.

Our website: . We hope you find our website helpful and informative. All of the information we send out via email will be found on the website. Our weekly newsletters are emailed to parents on Friday and up loaded to the website on Friday afternoon.

Additionally all homework, quick announcements and updates are sent via “whats App”; please down load “whats app”. It is free

School Times

School Starts @ 8am

School Ends @ 12:30pm for Sarah and Bailee

2:30pm for Grade 4 – 12

Friday School Ends @12:30pm Sarah and Bailee

2:00pm for Grade 4 – 12

The school building is open from 7am Monday to Friday, Our office hours are from 7:30am to 4:00pm only.

School Fees

As you are aware our school is a self-funded school and we are totally reliant on school fees to pay for the running costs of the school. Please can you ensure that your school fees are paid on time!! If there is a problem paying the school fees on time please contact either the school accountant, Grant Bullock on 0820428034 or or Tracey on 033 343 4086 or Overdue school fees procedure is on the website. Please remit on time to avoid suspension from lessons.

Parental Involvement in Homework

The ultimate goal is to help students become self-sufficient managers of their time and resources in order to get the most out of high school. They may need your help even if they don’t realize it.

Help them to develop habits and strategies for greater achievement while encouraging them to take increasing responsibility for their work; this can be achieved by applying research-tested strategies:

  • Stick to a schedule — have a regular work time everyday
  • Help your child get organised — keep learning material in one place that is easily accessible
  • Break homework or studies down into small chunks so they don’t become overwhelmed
  • Talk about what they hope to achieve in the homework session and the best way to get it done
  • Most important — recognise the effort they put into homework and studying
  • Remind them to pack away books when they finished so nothing is left at home the next day

Source: Harvard Family Project, “parental involvement in homework”

Dates To Remember

Half Term: 17 February to 20 February
Parent Teacher Meeting: 23 February 2:30pm to 7pm details above
School Closes on the Friday 23 March @ 1 0am
Reports for term 1 are a marks only report! Emailed on 22 March

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets” Leonardo Da Vinci

Please note from time to time randomised drug and alcohol tests, in accordance to our school rules, will be carried out to protect Capulum College’s good name of as drug free school Copy of the school rules will be emailed to you and a copy can be found on the school website.

Please note: Please do not give your child money to go to the shop. The learners will not be allowed to leave the school building to go to the Quarry Centre to buy food and juice.

Term 1 Newsletter 2 – High School