Dear Parents, It is hard to believe that it’s mid-term already and autumn is around the corner. The children have been hard at work and have settled into the school routine well, and are ready for this well-deserved break (as are the teachers!!)

Very important as autumn/winter starts settling in, please could you pack a jersey in your child’s bag as Hilton gets very cold when the rain and mist settle in.

NB: School Closes on Thursday the 16th February at 12:30pm and reopens on Tuesday the 21st February at 8am.

Please ensure transport for your child is arranged so they can leave on Thursday at 12:30pm

Educational and/ or Concession Assessments

The aim of an educational assessment is to help identify Specific Learning Difficulties. Once an in-depth assessment has been done, the staff will have a more complete understanding of the best way to help a learner reach his/her full potential. The psychologist will give recommendations of how to help the children through their school careers. These assessments are needed when applying to the Department of Education for an educational concession; however the decision to accommodate the concession will only be granted by the education department and not the psychologist or the school. For concessions to be considered, historical evidence of the learning difficulty must be submitted with the application, for example educational assessments from grade 1, grade 9 and grade 11. If you require a number of a psychologist or more information please phone the office. We will be advising parents in this regard.

School Times

School Starts @ 8am
School Ends @ 12:30pm for Sarah and Bailee
2:30pm for Grade 4 – 12
Friday School Ends @12:30pm Sarah and Bailee
2:00pm for Grade 4 – 12
The school building is open from 7am Monday to Friday
Our office hours are from 7:30am to 4:00pm only

School Fees:

As you are aware our school is a self-funded school and we are totally reliant on school fees to pay for the running costs of the school. Please can you ensure that your school fees are paid on time!! If there is a problem paying the school fees on time please contact either the school accountant, Grant Bullock on 0820428034 or or Tracey on 033 343 4086 or

Overdue school fees procedure is on the website. Please remit on time to avoid suspension from lessons.

Important Dates:

Half Term: 17 February to 20 February
Parent Teacher Meeting: 23 February 2:30pm to 7pm
Reports are only given to parent who attend the parent teacher meeting as this is a summary of what was discussed between you and the teacher. These will be emailed to the parent on the 22 March.
School Ends: Friday 23 March @ 10am please fetch your children on time.

Clothing Donations

We are asking for donations of old clothing for our junior school. We would love to build up our fancy dress section…WHY FANCY DRESS??….

  • Encourages children’s social behaviour and helps children build relationships with their peers and adults.
  • Helps children develop emotionally and giving them an opportunity to freely express themselves. Non-verbal children join in.
  • Helps children build an strong imagination

Anything that will add to this section; clothing, bags, hats, shoes will be so appreciated.

Term 1 Letter 3 – Junior School