road aheadParents whose child is diagnosed by an Educational Psychologist with learning barriers need to understand the road ahead.

1) Some children only require extra lessons on various subjects, speech therapy and occupational therapy but can still manage the pressures of our present schooling environment.

2) Other children require short-term remedial schooling (2-3 years) and are then able to integrate back into the present schooling system.

3) Some children will need long-term remedial assistance and still achieve a Grade12 matric certificate.

4) Special Education is for children who have persisted with the above and continue to find the pressures of mainstream schooling impossible whether this be academic, emotional or social.

The children accepted into Capulum College are children with the same expectations and dreams to which any child in mainstream will espouse. Our children require smaller classes, individual attention and an accepting environment which permits them to work at their own level and at their own pace in the junior school. In the senior school, students are supported in small classes and a caring environment in their quest to complete the syllabus and achieve a matric certificate.


The school or any member of the staff, parent or other person associated with the school shall not be held liable in any manner for any consequence pursuent to the transportation of any person who is a member of the school or who is in anyway associated with the school. Any transportation done, co-ordinated or by other means arranged to transport a child or other person to any event or for any other reason shall be so done at the sole and full risk of the person so transported. The school has a defined transport indemnity policy and all parents and guardians are required to acqaint themselves therewith.

The Road Ahead
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