reading jumpstartGiving your child a reading jumpstart must not just start as the child enters school but from an early age when you as parents can set the tone for enjoyment of reading.

Reading is such an integral part of schooling and will dictate how your child copes with school.

The following are some suggestion which may assist you to encourage your child:

At a very early age the contact you make with your cooing, giggling, frequent talking, smiling and gestures teaches your child to focus, concentrate and listen.

Listening is an important part language development together with speaking, reading and writing.

Talking will eventually lead to reading. Read aloud using simple, attractive and interesting books. Whenever possible read as much as possible to your child. Praise your child for listening.

Books need to become a very special part of life, children must learn to respect books.

Reading Jumpstart

Finding time to read can be a challenge. Shave a little time off TV. Choose books that can become an alternative to TV in your child’s mind. Make sure they have lots of pictures and will capture your child’s interest.

When you read to your child work with the new words in order to increase vocabulary.

As children get older, take them to the book shop or library. Assist them to choose books.

Make this a special treat and a way of rewarding.

As a parent, it is important to remember that it is our role to encourage our children to read. It is therefore important to give them all the opportunities we can to get a reading jumpstart.

Finally it is also important to remember that some children will have difficulties with their reading and however much you do, they may need specialised help with their reading at some stage but at the very least you will know that you did all that you could.

Reading Jumpstart
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