play child development importancePlay Child Development Importance – Children will indulge in many forms of play including dramatic role play and take on the role of doctor, schoolteacher, mommy and daddy or air line pilot whilst older children play games like hopscotch or hide and seek. Some will collect and explore and bring in leaves, frogs, bugs, the sand and rocks. Play is endless with most children naturally playing as long as they are given the opportunity.

Sadly there are some children who do not know how to play. This may seem strange that some just don’t naturally play with reports suggesting that some children have no ideas or don’t know what to do when they are left alone.

Play Child Development Importance

Children need time and guidance to learn to play and develop their imaginations. As adults we should never tell them how to play. However, we need to give them our time and interest. Children don’t need fancy or expensive toys in which they will lose interest since it does not allow them to become the creators of their play.

Here are some things adults can do to encourage play:

Provide children with lots of raw material. Toys are great, but don’t forget the old TV or fridge boxes, tubes, kitchen tools, feathers, various papers, old objects such as calculators, phones, stereo equipment, etc. It does have to be interesting and appealing, but it does not have to be expensive.

Allow children time to play. Make sure kids are not over-scheduled. Tired children are irritable and become easily frustrated which does not lead to creativity.
Allow children to be in charge of and during playtime. Adult should not plan the activities. Children must be free to create, practice and use the materials some of which they have hopefully collected. Adults must make time to play with children and make sure that they are following the child’s suggestions and ideas and not the other way around.

Play Child Development Importance