We will open “the doors of learning” for all children who find the learning process difficult.

Mission Statement

Our mission for Capulum College is to open the doors to learning in a place of peace, good will, acceptance, understanding and freedom of discrimination.

  • We will strive to reach each child at their own level of learning.
  • We will teach children through their strengths and their individual learning styles
  • We will teach in a fun learning environment.
  • Our services will always be of the highest quality and integrity possible.
  • We will help each child reach his or her own goal.
  • We will help children regain their self-esteem.
  • We will work holistically with other therapists and therapies.
  • We will strive to work in co-operation and beside other schools.
  • We will always work in co-operation with those who feel they are in competition with us.
  • Our greatest goal is to give children the wings to fly.
  • The basis of education is freedom.
  • The purpose of Education is joy.
  • The result of education is growth.