Capulum College has the facilities to cope with remedial and special needs children.

The special needs class caters exclusively for children who are unable to cope with the regular demands of schooling. They have a unique curriculum, which focuses on maths and literacy development as well as an emphasis on arts and crafts and developing life skills.

The special needs class provides a comfortable and flexible environment allowing each child to learn at their own pace and reach their potential. The teachers provide guidance and assistance in helping the children reach their highest learning potentials through a number of methods with a strong focus on multi-sensory education and a holistic approach.


We are proud to announce that we will be opening an Autistic Unit in January 2015 which will primarily help high functioning autistic children. Using individual programmes created for each child (IEP), we will endeavour to increase each child’s skills to a level where in time; they will be able to transfer to the Special Needs Class at Capulum College.

The children will be working in the following skill areas:

  • Academic
  • Fine and gross motor
  • Social, speech and sensory
  • Each child will work at their own pace i.e. an Individualised Education Programme (IEP).

This Unit will be unique within the Pietermaritzburg area and we are very excited about this new addition to the Capulum College campus.