Capulum College’s junior school offers children a chance to develop their own unique learning styles whilst focusing on literacy and maths development.

The juniors use a multi-sensory approach to learning which assists in better developing individual skills and learning styles.

The junior school also works closely with speech therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists to allow each child to receive all the necessary attention. Classes are kept small and each child is able to learn and grow at their own unique pace ensuring that they fully understand new concepts before moving on.

Junior School

The junior school is split into junior and senior phases.

Each section has children of varying ages and developmental stages with teachers ensuring that all their children’s needs are met and that each child is receiving the input that is required by them personally.

Therefore with time and patience, gaps in each child’s knowledge base are revisited and remediated when and where necessary and at their individual pace.

HANDLE, NILD and Move to Learn are all neurodevelopmental programmes which have been introduced into this section of the school and are used throughout the day. Children go to biokinetics once a week.