Capulum College offers an Extra Lesson Programme to children surrounding schools in Hilton and Pietermaritzburg. These extra lessons provide students with the skills to cope with the stresses of studying and enabling students to further develop their studying skills by catering to their unique learning styles.

The Capulum College Extra Lesson Programme assists students with topics such as the technique of answering exam questions as well as traditional school subjects with which students may need extra attention. We work with students who struggle with their language skills and help them interpret what they are reading and expected to write. Within this framework there are students who struggle to express themselves and this can severely hamper the work that they hand in.

These services have received much appreciation with learners enjoying remarkable increases in their results. The teachers travel to various schools in the Midlands but are also able to assist from the Capulum College premises.

We believe in what we do, and have seen the results. It is not just another job for us. This is our life’s mission and we want to share this with you.