We are a small school catering to children from Grades One to Matric including special needs children.

Capulum College offers children the opportunity to receive a multi-sensory, specialised education that caters to their individual needs. Remedial intervention is offered at all grades and in all problem learning areas. Each child’s learning styles and study techniques are assessed and teaching is conducted in accordance with a child’s individual needs. Senior school children are also assisted with exam preparation and exam techniques.

The classes are small which allows each child to learn in their own way and at their own pace in order to allow for a greater understanding.

Teachers use the Brain Train teaching methods developed by experienced remedial teacher, Jenni Underwood, over years of remedial teaching.

The Capulum College vision is to, “Open the doors of learning for all children who find the learning process difficult.”

Extra—lessons for all subjects in all grades for children not at our school are available on request.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.