Back To School 2017 – Term 1 Newsletter 1

back to school 2017Capulum College 2017 – Term 1 Newsletter 1 High School

Welcome back to the 2017 school year. We hope you had an enjoyable summer holiday with your family.

Welcome to all our new learners and their families and we hope you continue to enjoy you time at Capulum College. We look forward to working with you. We know you will continue to work with us, so your child can grow in confidence, with a love of learning, and a determination to be the best person they can be.

Our website: . We hope you find our website helpful and informative. All of the information we send out via email will be found on the website. Our weekly newsletters are emailed to parents on Friday and up loaded to the website on Friday afternoon.

Additionally all homework, quick announcements and updates are sent via “whats App”; please down load “whats app”. It is free –

Back to School 2016 – Term 1 Newsletter 3

back to schoolDEAR PARENTS

What an amazing first week we have had. Tuesday the learners spent the day getting to know their teachers. Wednesday and Thursday Nondo and Ryan organised a boot camp orientation which helped the learners to cooperate with each other and get to know each other. These two days were incredibly successful. Friday the learners began working.

Monday has started in full swing; learners have their time table and have started working. This Friday will be the start of cycle test Friday and Cake Sale.

The Time table will be sent out today. It will also be up on the website by this afternoon.

What is in this week’s newsletter:

  1. School Times
  2. Afrikaans Books
  3. Medical Information Form
  4. WhatsApp groups
  5. Cake Sale
  6. Parent Information Evening
  7. Dates To Remember