learning leads to playLearning Leads to Play and Play Leads to Learning

Consider this:

Mrs Beaver takes her Grade R class on a school excursion to a construction site which is quite close to the school. At the site the children are delighted to see a huge 18 wheeled truck together with a bulldozer, men and women wearing hard hats and signs everywhere which said “DANGER”.

At the site the children art to ask many meet the foreman who welcomes them. The children are excited and start to ask many questions about the enormous 18 wheeler, the people who work there and the other vehicles and machinery.

“Why are you wearing a hat like that?”
“Can I wear your hat?”
“Can I be a foreman?”
“What are those people (ladies) doing?”
“What does the bulldozer do?”
“Can I sit in the 18 wheeler, please?”

While all this was going on, a parent who accompanies the group starts to take photographs. Everything is recorded from the site itself to the workers and construction vehicles and the children asking the questions.

Back at school, the photos are displayed and the children continue to talk about this trip during their discussion time. And then during the activity time a group of boys and 1 girl go to the block corner. They decide amongst themselves to become the “the hard hat workers”. They find useful dress up material so they can act out what they saw. They use a cell phone, a hard hat and a pencil behind the ear to emulate the foreman. The girl wants to become the foreman but is not sure if a girl can take up that role. They replicate pathways, scaffolding and big holes dug by the bulldozer.

This play continued for several days as the children played out what they had seen at the site.

Allow your children to play!

Ref: Child Care 2004

Learning Leads to Play