how can i help my childThis question — how can I help my child at home? —If you find yourself in a situation where your child resists your help with reading, or he just can’t do it, what should you do?

How can I Help My Child? – Here are three ideas:

Focus on activities he enjoys.

If your child likes sport, play with him. If your child likes to cook, cook with her. Talk to children informally and have fun by introducing new vocabulary and explaining the new words. Read picture books of interest. Encourage reading together.

How can I Help My Child?

Capitalise on music, exercise, and friendships.

Music: People like music. It can change their mood. Music is calming, reduces stress, lowers heart and respiration rates. So, if your child likes music, let him listen to music that he likes to boost his optimism and encourage cooperation. Choose music carefully so it fits the situation.

Exercise: Exercise may offer children many benefits. Research shows that:
Children demonstrated improvements in reading accuracy, phonemic skill, verbal working memory and reduction in inattention symptoms.
This form of exercise must avoid pressure and competition.

Friendships: Good friends are important. They influence children, make their day fun, add quality to life. Without friends, children are miserable. Help your child find and keep the right friends —this will pay dividends and build self confidence.

Teach children to take credit for their successes.

When children with reading disabilities do poorly, they often blame themselves by believing their failure to be permanent and that they are of low intelligence: “I’m just stupid.” It’s important for you, and your child’s teachers, to give him the correct, positive feedback. Stress effort and perseverance.

The Bottom Line

These ideas alone will not make your child a competent reader. If there is a serious reading disability, find professional help. Never take a ‘wait and see’ approach.

How can I Help My Child?