gifted childrenAs educators, we concentrate on the children with the obvious learning difficulties but many of the gifted children are overlooked as we often do not consider that the gifted may have learning difficulties as well.

These are the children who have very high intelligence in some areas and large delays in other areas which can cause enormous frustration.

Gifted children are those with very high IQ levels but who struggle to achieve an acceptable achievement level and one with which they are satisfied. This leads to further difficulties both in learning and self esteem.

Those with high IQ levels have an amazing ability to think laterally and creatively and can express themselves well. They are often good logical thinkers and possess a good memory.

Children who are very intelligent but have learning difficulties as well will very often have a low self esteem and a low tolerance to frustration. There will often be a large discrepancy between their verbal and non-verbal IQ levels which result in poor marks generally.

There may also be associated behaviour difficulties, concentration problems and boredom which will all lead to a lack lustre success rate.

Gifted Children

Such children often require assistance in understanding what is being asked of them. They need assistance in interpreting what test papers require as they have the knowledge but not the skill to answer the question effectively.

It is essential that these children are taught at their level using a multi-sensory approach to learning. By working with their strengths and not their weaknesses and coming alongside them and providing them with the encouragement and a feeling that they are not on their own, huge improvements can be made.

If these difficulties persist, please ask for advice from a professional.

Gifted Children with Learning Difficulties
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