Parents/Guardians remain responsible for all School Fees and extra costs even if a student is sponsored by a company/trust/another family.


  • New Students accepted into Capulum College pay a non-refundable fee of R5000.00 admin and registration fee that must be paid upon receipt of the Acceptance Letter and before the learner begins first day of school.
  • Tuition fees are paid monthly over 12 months with the first payment due on the 7th January and the last payment due on the 7th December, unless special arrangement has been made with the administration office.
  • Our preferred method of payment is via debt order, see debit order form attached. R150.00 will be charged for dishounered debit orders. The school will automatically adjust the debit order each year to take into account any increase in fees.
  • Fees paid annually will receive a 5% reduction if paid into the school’s account by the 20th January 2018.
  • Termly tuition fees are to be paid in full on or before the first day of each term.
  • A family rebate of 5% is offered for the second and subsequent children.
  • A full term’s notice of intent to leave the school, in writing, is required. If this has not been given a term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice.


The following costs are not included in the current School Fee Structure and are for the parent/guardian account:

  1. School Visits: All school camps, fieldtrips and excursions etc.
  2. Specialist Extra-Curricular Activities: Some after school Extra-curricular Activities provided in the program that make use of outside specialists and additional transport.
  3. Stationery: All required student stationery as specified by the School, including all art/drama supplies
  4. Textbooks: Grade 8 and 9 prescribed text books are not included in the tuition fees and must be purchased by the parent/guardian before school commences, either online or via Cascades Bookshop, Shuter and Shooter Bookshop, or Adam’s Bookshop. Book lists will be emailed to parent/guardian at the end of term 3.
  5. Hospitality Fees: Grade 10, 11 and 12 will be charged R600.00 per term to cover costs of food purchased for hospitality practical lessons. R1500.00 will be charged at the beginning of term 2 for the final practical PAT component.
  6. Experiential Book fee: R500.00 per year will be invoiced at the beginning of the year; this is for photocopies for the content of this subject.
  7. Teachers Assistant: We reserve the right to request the help of a teacher’s assistant where necessary. The cost of the teacher’s assistant will be for the account of the parent/guardian. This will be discussed beforehand.
  8. SACAI Examination Fees: 00 per subject and R750.00 for CAT will be invoice at the beginning of Grade 12 year.


Type of Fees Refundable or not Amount Payable When Payable
Registration and admin fee Non-refundable R5000.00 Payable upon receipt of the Acceptance Letter and before learner begins school
Additional Costs Non-refundable See Additional Costs On invoice
Tuition Fees Non-refundable See Fee Structure below On or before the 7th of the month


Grade Per Month
7th Jan – 7th Dec
Per Term Annual
(Less 5%)
Per Annum
Special Needs R4 700.00 x 12 months R14 100.00 x 4 terms R53 580.00 R56 400.00
Grade 1 – 3 R4 500.00 x 12 months R13 500.00 x 4 terms R51 300.00 R54 000.00
Grade 4 – 7 R4 500.00 x 12 months R13 500.00 x 4 terms R51 300.00 R54 000.00
Grade 8 – 9 R4 500.00 x 12 months R13 500.00 x 4 terms R51 300.00 R54 000.00
Grade 10 R5 065.00 x 12 months R15 195.00 x 4 terms R57 741.00 R60 780.00
Grade 11 R5 065.00 x 12 months R15 195.00 x 4 terms R57 741.00 R60 780.00
Grade 12 R5 065.00 x 12 months R15 195.00 x 4 terms R57 741.00 R60 780.00


Please note that Parents/Guardians are responsible for all payments to be paid to the school at all times. All payments are made payable to CAPULUM COLLEGE and can be made via EFT, Debit Order and cash (payable at the school office)

School Banking Details are as follows:

Name of Account: Capulum College
Bank: Nedbank
Branch Code: Hilton (151925)
Account Number: 101 180 716 5
Reference: Child’s Full Name

Download 2018 Fee Structure includes debit form (docx format)