Dear Parents,

Amazing Race

amazing raceOn the 24th September, we will be holding an Amazing Race Fund Raising Day. We would like to make this our annual family fun day where parents, students and staff share a fun morning together.

Please could you reply to this email if you are willing to help, and if your family will be joining us in the festivities.

This will be an excellent opportunity to build a community feel in our school and meet other parents.

Cake Sale Friday- Please send your child to school with money

cake saleThis Friday is the Grade 9.A Groups turn to supply cakes for the cake sale. They have decided what they are going to be bringing. Please discuss this with your child and support our fund raising drive. The goodies will be sold at first break so that all the children get a chance to buy something.

We have a competition running: the group that makes the most money will get pizza to share on Monday 21 September.

Cake Sale dates:

Grade 9(A) – 7 August
Grade 9(1) – 14 August
Grade 10 – 20 August This will be Thursday as 21 August is Mid Term Break
Grade 11 – 28 August
Grade 12 – 4 September
Junior Primary – 11 September


Hilton Arts FestivalWe would like to take the children to the Hilton Arts Festival in September.

The Junior School will be going on Thursday 17 September at a cost of R120.00. (Laura’s class will not be going but Ashtyn’s class will be going)

The High School (gr 9 – 12) will be going on Friday 18 September after the test and trial exams, at a cost of R120.00.

We would love all the children to go. If you would like your child to attend the Hilton Arts Festival, please send money in an envelope by the 5 August. We will be booking the learner’s spaces on the 7 August.

Please let us know if you do not want your child to attend.


Please could the children from Sarah and Kirstin’s class bring a yoga mat or a towel to use for Biokinetics. Please ensure the mat or towel is labelled.

Our Community Project for Term 3

Term 3 Charity Drive we will focus on raising as much food as possible for the SPCA and FreeMe. In addition to tinned food or biscuits, we would be most grateful for the donation of time which could include volunteering at the SPCA. Dogs and cats always need a cuddle, walk or brush. Other donations may include blankets or dishes for food and water.

Free Me are running their 2015 Raffle. Raffle tickets are R10 each. There are 20 tickets per raffle book. If you would like to help sell our tickets please let us know, or you are well come to send R10 for the raffle tickets you require. The prizes are: A big boy scooter, 2 nights at Somkhanda Game Reserve, Samsung Tablets, Samsung 32” Television Sets and R500 Shoprite, Checkers shopping vouchers. Additionally there is a free ticket for the person who sells the most tickets.

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports will be sent out this week. Weekly report specifically look at learner’s drive, commitment and behaviour in class as well as at break. We also look at homework, politeness and disrespectfulness. Please look at these reports carefully and discuss them with your children. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cycle Tests

cycle testsGrade 8 and 9 English
Grade 10 & 11 Afrikaans
Grade 12 Maths

Please see the cycle test time table on the website:

Stationery for Term 3

Please remember to send your photo copy paper to school for Term 3. If you have done so already, thank you very much.

Music for Auditory Learners

brain musicWe are receiving lots of requests from learners to listen to music while they work. This is proving to be quite tiresome as we are insisting that they remove their SIM cards. We cannot ensure the safety of the SIM cards or their identity.

We are also finding that the learners are using Apps on their phones. Nondumiso, our Psychology Masters student will start administering learning styles tests to establish whether the student is visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. The auditory learners will then be able to listen to music.


Public Holiday: Women’s Day Monday 10th August
Parent Support Group: 19th August. 5:00 for 5.50PM.
Mid Term Break: Friday 21-Monday 24 August. School Closes at 12:30pm on Thursday 20th August and begins on Tuesday 25th August.
Parent/Teacher Meeting: Thursday 10th September from 2:30pm
Term 3 Tests: Monday 14th September to Friday 18th September
Amazing Race Family Fun Day: Thursday 24th September (Compulsory School Day)
Break Up Day: Friday 25th September at 10am (Reports to be emailed unless printed copies are requested)

Parent Support Group Meeting

Will be held on Wednesday the 19th August at 5pm. Michelle who is an Immunologist from Tri Action in Howick will be the guest speaker; she will be talking about working with the Central Nervous System.

Have a good week.

Capulum Newsletter – Amazing Race – Cake Sale
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