back to schoolCapulum College students returned to school with recharged batteries and heaps of enthusiasm! For the seniors day one kicked off with assembly and followed by a fun-and-games session.

Each grade was entrusted with their egg mascot, which they had to decorate, serenade and keep intact! This proved rather challenging!

Shyness and inhibitions were soon left behind as they egg and spoon raced, wheelbarrowed and tug-of-warred!

The day was finished on a high note when the teachers lost spectacularly to the grade 8 and 9 girls in an epic tug of war challenge!

back to school  back to school

The junior school enjoyed a quiet and happy day, getting to know each other and the teachers. A visit to the library, finger painting and other activities made the first day fly by!
A happy welcome to our grade 1’s!

back to school
We’d like to thank all the parents that attended our parent meeting on Thursday evening!

We are so excited for the year of 2014 and we will certainly keep all our followers informed and enthralled! Watch this space…..

Back To School for Capulum College