back to schoolDEAR PARENTS

What an amazing first week we have had. Tuesday the learners spent the day getting to know their teachers. Wednesday and Thursday Nondo and Ryan organised a boot camp orientation which helped the learners to cooperate with each other and get to know each other. These two days were incredibly successful. Friday the learners began working.

Monday has started in full swing; learners have their time table and have started working. This Friday will be the start of cycle test Friday and Cake Sale.

The Time table will be sent out today. It will also be up on the website by this afternoon.

What is in this week’s newsletter:

  1. School Times
  2. Afrikaans Books
  3. Medical Information Form
  4. WhatsApp groups
  5. Cake Sale
  6. Parent Information Evening
  7. Dates To Remember

School Times

School TimesPlease remember school starts at 7:40am

Afrikaans Books

Speciality store has the Grade 8 to Grade 10 Afrikaans Is Lekker available now. Please could you go and get your child’s copy.

  • Grade 8 has the Grade 5 book
  • Grade 9 has the Grade 6 book
  • Grade 10 has the Grade 7 book

Medical Information form

Download the medical aid update form and fill it in and return it back to school. We require this in case of an emergency. Please help us in this regard. Thank you to the parents who have already returned these forms.

WhatsApp groups

WhatsAppWe are starting WhatsApp groups for each grade, this is for instant communication, homework details and reminders. We will keep the Message traffic to a bare minimum.

You may also use this platform to communicate with staff in your child’s group. If you do not want to be on the group, simple leave the chat.

We have found this platform very informative and helpful last year for the few parents that were on the chat groups.

Cake Sale:

Grade 8 and 12 on Friday 29 January

Parent Information Evening

we workThursday 28 January 2016 at 5pm to 7pm

Speaker: Dr Bryan Long

After Dr Long’s talk you will be able to meet your child’s teacher.


Term 1 – 19 January to 18 March

Half Term: Friday 19 February to Monday 22 February (School Closes at 12:30pm)

Parent Information Meeting: Thursday 28 January (5pm to 7pm)

Parent Teacher Meeting: Thursday 25 February (2:30pm-7pm)

Test Dates: Monday 29 February to Friday 4 March

School Ends: Friday 18 March at 10am

Back to School 2016 – Term 1 Newsletter 3