Capulum College is a small remedial school that caters to children of all ages who find difficulty coping in mainstream schools. The school is split into three main sections; a primary school, a high school and a special needs phase. Teachers use the tried and tested Brain Train teaching methods developed by experienced remedial teacher, Jenni Underwood, through her years of teaching experience.

“The basis of education is freedom, The purpose of education is joy, The result of education is growth” - Unknown.

capulum school

Our School

We are a small school catering to children from Grades One to Matric including special needs children. Capulum College offers children the opportunity to receive a multi-sensory, specialised education that caters to their individual needs.

vision & mission

Vision & Mission

We will open “the doors of learning” for all children who find the learning process difficult. Our Mission Statement for Capulum College is to open the doors to learning in a place of peace, good will, acceptance, understanding and freedom of discrimination.

stationery resources


Resources for parents and students includes: list of stationery requirements for the year, exam procedures, enrolment applications for new students, school fee structure and useful articles for parents to read.

Why Capulum College Hilton?

A man was walking along the beach one day. Ahead he noticed another, older man picking up a starfish that had become stranded on the sand and throwing it back into the sea. "Why do you bother?" the man asked him. "The beach goes on for miles and countless starfish get stranded every day. You can't really make a difference."

The old man looked at the starfish in his hand and then he threw it to safety among the waves. "I can make a difference to this one," he replied. Countless children feel stranded at school - for some Capulum College Hilton can make a real difference.

Enrol at Capulum College

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